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Feb 2020 Side Event Feedback (3 week arena, objectives & quest)



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    In fact, that tends to be the go-to for any issue that people have, the idea that they'll lose money if they don't give people what they want.
  • DNA3000 said:

    That's MCOC's quarterly revenue, from the time Netmarble acquired them, as reported in Netmarble's financial statements, adjusted for estimated currency change during the quarter from dollars, in millions of dollars US per quarter. And yes, I believe the numbers do in fact speak for themselves. Assuming you look them up instead of make them up.

    Q12018 > Q12019
    Q22018 > Q22019
    Q32018 < Q32019
    Q42017 > Q42019 = Q42018

    Yeah, not as bad as I thought, but I guess I see the numbers a little differently than you do.

    Thanks to the gifting event, they were able to turn it around a bit there toward the last quarter, but I see a downward trend when you compare quarter to quarter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Quarter to quarter comparison, compared to previous year:

    There is literally no trend there. It isn't Q4 that "turns things around" it is actually Q3 2019 which is the best quarter to quarter performance of the past year and a half. Q3 was reported on November 12, 2019, and thus doesn't count any of the Black Friday through New Years sales.
  • @addisonbassist @DNA3000 Sorry, but can you guys explain those charts a little simpler? I'm not really understanding what they're showing. Is Kabam losing revenue, keeping steady, or gaining?

    Overall, within the margin of error, MCOC took in about the same amount of revenue in 2019 as they did in 2018.

    The margin for error comes from the way the calculation is performed. Netmarble is a Korean company and thus reports their revenue in Korean Won. However, the bulk of MCOC's revenue comes from outside Korea. Since a majority of the revenue likely comes from the US, we can use US dollars as the proxy to guestimate how many dollars it would take to generate that much revenue in Korean Won, but that's an estimate. And we also have to estimate the currency exchange rate which varies with time; there are a couple of different ways Netmarble could be accounting for their revenue that are acceptable under International GAAP rules, so again we have to make a reasonable guess. And then Netmarble reports the percentage of revenue from each of their major titles, which includes MCOC, but that's reported only to the nearest whole percent.

    You end up with a margin of error in the calculation of about 2-5%. The estimated revenue in 2018 was $285million and in 2019 $280million. That's well within the margin for error (which would be about 5-15million USD).

    We can see obvious high points in the revenue every Q4 which corresponds to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas/New Years sales. And we see seasonal lows around Q2 in the middle of the year. Within that range the revenue bounces between 60 million USD and 80 million USD (per three month quarter). If you ask Excel to calculate a trend line it is actually upward, about a half million dollars per quarter upward. But I wouldn't trust that line too much as the data ends in Q4 which is a high point in the revenue and we have slightly less than three years of data.

    But while the data doesn't prove revenue is growing long term, it most definitely doesn't say it is dropping. In very rough terms, MCOC is currently holding steady on revenue. Any one claiming MCOC is in trouble, or even in slow decline, would be contradicting the financial data we have available. That's what tends to happen when someone thinks they and their immediate circle of buddies is a representative sample of a million people.
  • Alright, closing this thread down now. This Forum is not to discuss the financials of this game or this Company.
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