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Relocate or add lock to autofight button

I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally hit the autofight button without meaning to. It may not be an issue on a phone, but on a tablet it becomes very frustrating. This could be fixed by relocating the button somewhere on the top of the screen... or if that messes with game progression already programmed around it being there you could introduce an autofight lock. Somewhere at the top of the screen, a button that freezes the autofight button on whatever position it is on when you hit the lock.

I searched for this subject before I posted and there are a lot of threads with autofight used in a different scenario... so I apologize if this is something already discussed and dismissed.

PLEASPLEASEPLEASE consider this change.
Help me Kabam, you're my only hope. 😂



  • SOOOO does anyone (on the staff as well) have any thoughts on this? Does this affect the players who use their phone at all?

  • That's my art BTW.. just thought it might draw people in... hope that is OK.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 89
    Could be useful. I’ve never felt the need for something like that though.
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