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Choose between...

A 4 star...

Choose between... 41 votes

Darth_StewieMrTicTac19992008K3600Papicante1Z2f6hQDanyal_39Marc_Tan 7 votes
Scopeotoe987ChampioncriticTorah13Mrspider568 4 votes
Wayde0wilsonFR33_HUG5LordRaymond3VoltolosRockypantherxTheDuke899EtjamaMx268FreeToPlay_21BriceMiesterMinvisRagingPsyLife 13 votes
Captain America (Infinity War)
SolswerdTerraOsfan8PeterQuillMoosetiptronicTroy_Elric123HotFondue1520CASrinivasDead1SleipnirrodLucasjones_98PeaRatEwell65SSS69H3t3rILLUSION8Chewie420Sanjith54 17 votes


  • What is the purpose of this poll?

    Are you asking other players to choose their favorite or are you asking for advice on which one others think you should invest more Resources in? Perhaps, you're looking for opinions on which Champion others feel would be most useful in a certain match-up?

    It's really not apparent why you're asking other users to choose one of the listed options...
  • edited February 14
    Sorry, I just realized my last comment may have seemed somewhat rude. That certainly wasn't my intention.

    Still, if you could clarify your reason for creating this poll, that would be great!
  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 1,334 ★★★★
    Captain America (Infinity War)
    Damn porthos is cold blooded. Based on no information CapIW is the answer for me.
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 574
    Champion synergy makes him an tractor pushing you through act 5
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