Next R5: Omega Red or Symbiote Supreme

bazingampbazingamp Posts: 135
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I am planning 6.3 completion next. Who can be most useful? I am done with all variants other than ultron assault. Omega Red or Symbiote Supreme? I don't run sucide at this point.
This is my roster.

Next R5: Omega Red or Symbiote Supreme 26 votes

Omega Red Sig 150
BigMoTerraLvernon15Knorr7227Kamikaze_TurtleOnmixMoosetiptronicMegaGalacticEtjamaMr.0-8-4Lucasjones_98Obaid_Jacob03K3600ILLUSION8TheSaithDas_giOctoberstackDevilMayCry 18 votes
Symbiote Supreme Sig 19
Damien3638EthanGamerBonzodavidsastomAndyball270Z2f6hQ 6 votes
Someone else. Please suggest in comments
gforcefanOcs06 2 votes


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