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Who should I classify next?

Guys, I'm in doubt what I should do next. I'm going to act 6 now, I have 4 CB5 to invest. I don't know if I should invest in the 5 * or in a good 6 *. Thanks for the opinion.

Who should I classify next? 24 votes

Venom 6* to R2 (Unduped)
TerraLordRaymond3Denzel116The_real_IndyHedronAATTGiodood_1CHIEF1121TheToxicCactusRioSmith11 10 votes
Annihilus 6* to R2 (Unduped)
Ômega Red 5* to R5 (Duped lvl. 46)
MagicBentonWeeaeaspoodermann1 3 votes
Sparky 5* to R5 (Unduped)
Etjamathekingslay3r 2 votes
Spider Stealth 5* to R5 (Duped lvl. 55)
PintzzTheInfintyLucifer1810 3 votes
Blade 5* to R5 (Unduped)
Fabwizi 1 vote
Quake 5* to R5 (Unduped)
X_Factor_AgentThicco_Modelowlevelplayer 3 votes
Archangel 5* to R5 (Duped lvl. 44)
Medusa 5* tô R5 (Duped lvl. 56)
BrokenAngusMac279 2 votes


  • AndTavAndTav Posts: 261
    I already have a 5 * R5 and duplicate. Corvus.
  • TheInfintyTheInfinty Posts: 1,310 ★★★★
    Spider Stealth 5* to R5 (Duped lvl. 55)
    If your omega was a higher sig I would say him but even then stealth Spidey can have some crazy damage
  • TerraTerra Posts: 4,514 ★★★★★
    Venom 6* to R2 (Unduped)
    StealthSuit exists as a 6* so I wouldn't r5 his 5* variant. I'd say doing Venom to r2 is a solid choice
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