Champion Index, AW and Summoner Profile Update Ideas

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Hi Kabam, here are my ideas and suggestions for you to improve the game. I apologize in advance for my English :#, I'm from Ukraine. o:)


Champion Index
With Update V26.0, it became possible to watch "Information about the Champion" that does not have a Summoner, moreover, by rarity.
I propose: I suggest adding the same function for the Champions that the Summoner has in the list.

For example: Each Summoner could look at his existing 5-Star Mojo on the list, only the 6-Star version, in order to see his Stats with the Max. Signature Ability.

I also propose: to add to the found champions the information "Available Rarity", which is indicated only in absent Сhampions in the Summoner list.

Alliances Wars (AW)
After the end of AW, a table with the Kills - Defender/Attacker comes to the mail. Having been in many alliances, I noticed that many Officers/Leaders cannot count or find out who/how many times died in the Attack phase.
I propose: Add to the existing table with the Killings the Defender/Attacker - "Death of the Attacker". This will make life easier for many Leaders/Officers.


Summoner Profile
I propose: Add List: "Found Champions" from the Max. Number.

For example: At the time of Release V26.0 in Contest, total Champions: 171 (not counting Wolverine (Weapon X)). Let's say the Summoner added 140 Champions. So it would show in his profile: Found Champions: 140 out of 171 or 140/171.

I propose: Add in Statistics: Number of Open Crystals.

It doesn’t matter if you can immediately make that Number of Open Crystals by the Summoner from the moment you create your account, even if the number starts again from zero. I think every Summoner would like to keep track of their Number of Open Crystals.
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