Which skill champion should I rank up ?

ace007venturaace007ventura Posts: 28
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Which skill champion should I rank up ? 23 votes

Unduped black panther
MattyloHyperduckzWordy12 3 votes
Unduped moon knight
MasterTroller42Bullfighter77ShaheerFIazPhantom 4 votes
Duped winter solider
Alfa_PigeonSpity68SaiyanYellsomeAndyroo_3527JaylinSpeedbumpChunkerButtM8TheMageHuntermyPUNCAKESummonerB2Greenstrokezero7ThisguyNemesis666Ice_all_on_me1226 16 votes


  • DefJ123DefJ123 Posts: 54
    I voted black Panther but only if that is the classic version. If cwbp, my vote is none.
  • ace007venturaace007ventura Posts: 28
    It is classic black panther
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  • Wordy12Wordy12 Posts: 208
    Unduped black panther
    I didn't see that winter solider was dupped, but I would still do black panther
  • Andyroo_3527Andyroo_3527 Posts: 22
    Duped winter solider
    Ws has some good damage now with his bleed and incinerate. And duped he can drain power.
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