Info and Tips on Countering Over 100 Different Nodes

Hey Everyone! Thought i'd share my Countering Nodes Spreadsheet here to help out players here:

The goal of this is to be helpful to everyone from new to endgame players. I've included as many nodes as I could think of that require a mention, and tried to give many different counters for each one, along with a brief explanation on why those counter are best. I recently added 6.4 nodes (So it now encompasses all of the Act 6 nodes) along with AW/AQ/EQ nodes from various points

Video Explanation as well:

Hopefully you all find this useful, please let me know if there is anything I have not included, node/counter-wise or otherwise. Thanks!


  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 442 ★★★
    That was some work you put in! If the list is even halfway decent (and it looks good, first glance) I'm sure this will help lots of players out. Kudos for that. :)
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    Awesome guide!
  • LeoZedLeoZed Posts: 300 ★★
    Great post... haven't completely gone through yet... it would definitely help me a lot.
  • Klimmey2002Klimmey2002 Posts: 6
    Thank you for posting.
  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
    Lol, I thought you were asking, so I just wanted to come here and say Ghost or Quake
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 888 ★★★

    Lol, I thought you were asking, so I just wanted to come here and say Ghost or Quake

    I thought it was going to be a troll post with that heading and then simply saying: "Quake"
  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 2,477 ★★★★★
    Hoisting this so more people see this
  • ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 459 ★★★
    Half expected the post to just say "quake"
  • ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 459 ★★★
    Damnit, just realised I'm atleast 3rd to say this
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