Help button

Can we please get a help all button? I think that is long overdue. Nobody wants to hit help over 100x when there are 500 requests in your alliance.


  • (numerous threads about this, every week or so)
    But Kabam has said they’ve tried that and it would overload the system, so they can not do it.

    They should just GET RID OF ARENA HELPS, and just restructure the Loyalty payout, timeframe, limits, etc, to just be on Travel Energy Based Helps.
  • Zahidu_82Zahidu_82 Posts: 3
    Also it is broke. Bcoz how sometimes it clear 4 champs and sometimes 1. I think kabam should look into iy
  • Hey bajone1, as we mentioned HERE, we tried to implement a "Help All" feature in the past but it had a negative impact on performance. As a result, we have no plans to introduce it to the game at this time.
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