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First 6*r2

Trying to decide on who to make my first r2 6* out of stealth spidey and human torch.
My current 5*r5s are aegon, cap iw, fury, CMM, ghost, hype, omega red and dr doom.
Have completed story 6.2 and one run of lol. Any add nice would be appreciated.

First 6*r2 18 votes

Human torch
xNigTerraPenumbrousThatGuyYouSaw235Hinal123RockypantherxShlick229LykanonCHIEF1121Sparx265Brou 11 votes
Stealth spidey
ReferenceCharlie_SceneAlienatedTajzzzPeaRatSlimeball0din 7 votes


  • AlienatedAlienated Posts: 19
    Stealth spidey
    If you are going for act 6 first run then stealth. But HT if you are thinking abyss.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,180 ★★★★★
    Human torch
    Skill - Aegon, Nick Fury
    Science - CptIW
    Cosmic - CMM, Hyp
    Tech - Ghost
    Mutant - OR
    Mystic - Doom

    If you’re looking to handle Unstoppable and Evades, Stealth is your man. Only thing, is that you have CptIW that handles Unstoppable and Nick to handle Evades. So ranking Stealth has limited help to your roster.

    Rank Human Torch for his immunities and heal reversal.

    Hope this helps.
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