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  • Not one comment by kabam on this. Really getting tired of the money grab here. At least respond. Clearly a small percentage of players actually want this.

    There may be a small percentage of players that want this as you say, doesn't mean they have to grant it. You can ask, they can say no

    And to be honest

    1- Most dont want this
    2- Kabam will not do this, ever

    For the record, I am saying most players want the ability to take their 5*'s to 6*. And I agree bro, kabam will Never do it. All I'm asking for is a response.

    Most seem to NOT want it imo, and Kabams response is no as you already know, so why ask?

    This is why I hate posting here. Doucebags like you who are no where close to being a top player has to get his dumb thoughts added here. I'm talking to the top 50 alliances. Who are you talking to? Bottom 50? Keep your comments to yourself bro.

    so only idiots like you have an opinion that affects us all and wont happen anyway because its a frigging stupid idea, what a tool! I will say what I want when I want keyboard warrior man

    You wont get this, grow a pair or quit, either way no-one gives a **** what you think
  • Lol. Someone is ass hurt. Different level bro. Go suck your moms ****.
  • Lol. Someone is ass hurt. Different level bro. Go suck your moms ****.

    Classy, you really showed me. Cant wait till an entitled little no-one like you rage quits the game! "but mummy I cant get my own way and you said I was your special little boy"

    Go and squeeze you spots loser boy
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    solopolo wrote: »
    I've seena suggestion similar to this, and it simply won't happen. There are too many consquences of letting something like that happen. Exclusive champs will longer be exclusive, as in the realm of legends champs and 4* deadpool will no longer have any value because you could just upgrade your 3* versions of those champions to 4*, without having to grind the deadpool arena or completing the realm or labyrinth of legends. Also not every champion is intended to be released in every new tier. Kabam stated that they were not planning to ever release scarlet witch or wolverine in 5*. Making a system like this renders that intention moot. Also, do you know how easy it would be to get high tier champions this way? The featured arena now would be useless. Anyone can simply rank up their 3*s, play the 3* arena for that featured champion, max it then upgrade it to 4*, bypassing the requirement of grinding the 4* arena. 4*s will have the value of 3*s, 5*s the value of 4*s, and 6*s the value of 5*s. The point of the game is to go up, not down.

    You just prove my point dude. You don't even have one 5/50 yet. Lol. Don't speak to things you have no clue about. When you reach mid to top tier, then talk. Right now, try getting one 5/50.

    Oh? So, because I don't spend thousands of dollars on the game weekly nothing I say matters? This isn't even my opinion, it's pure fact. If you're unwilling to accept it that's on you. You're completely free to think whatever delusional thoughts come to you, but just because I'm not one of the top 100 players doesn't make everything I say irrelevant. Take the broom out your ass please.
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    Guys let’s not forget who the real enemy is here
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    People are so afraid that their 5 stars arent going to be useful after 6 stars or something like that but seatin still ouses 3 stars on master mode challenges so i think people need to stop whining and just wait and see what happens.
  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    Terrible logic.

    I can kill,things with a 2*, should we only have 2* 'champs?

    When things like AQ and AW are decided by arbitrary champion ratings, it may make a huge difference in those modes. Prestige, rating, diversity.. it's not a vacuum. Everything affects everything else.
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