Treating same situation differently for different players

Recently had an issue where i clicked the wrong champion on a nexus 6* crystal. I filed a ticket to try and have them swapped. Kabam told me they couldn’t. I responded if they didn’t want to that’s fine but that they absolutely could. They then responded well yes we can but we won’t, be more careful. Coincidentally, an alliance member in my alliance had the same thing happen and they swapped his champions no questions asked. Is this other people’s experience/is this fair?

Doesn’t seem right they would do it for one summoner but not another. I filed the ticket within 10 minutes of the mistake.


  • mdsubmdsub Posts: 154
    You would think setting the proper expectation & consistency would be the rule if they’re working in a customer service capacity which is what the support team does
  • First case might have been when 3 Choice display was on screen, switched to another app to chat with teammates, came back and Game Reset.
    Think people have said in that case it either automatically gave you the 1st choice (or maybe random choice ?). So you could NOT get to actually decide which one you wanted when you restarted game.

    Those are cases I think they’ve allowed you to specify one of the other 2 choices thru Support Ticket afterwards.
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    We can't help with account specific issues on the forum and can't verify what happened with your ticket or anyone else's. Situations can be handled on a case by case basis and we don't have all of the information about the situation here. Apologies for any disappointment, but you'll need to address any further questions in the support ticket.
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