Selling 5 star champions



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    Again, why do you care so much what I do?
    Would be my choice whether I sell champs or not, and how I play the game.
    I want to have fun, to only collect my favorite characters, play with them, and in time, progress through the game. No hurry at all.
    Everyone is free to do whatever they want, join whatever alliance they want, play whatever content they want, spend as much money as they want, play daily or from time to time, have as many accounts as they want, etc.
    This is the best Marvel game, and the best thing about is that it keeps on evolving, new content being added every month.(congrats to Kabam)
    It's my favorite, and I hope it will remain so.

    All I'm asking is for this option to be added, with as many "security measures" as they think necessary. I am sure that many players will be happy to use it.
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    OMG!!! Why do you keep posting? Do you work for Kabam, in the " Don't sell 5* department"??
    As I said before, I play for pleasure, and not for peak performance; I am not a proffessional, as you seem to be. But even with my gameplay there is very fast progress, because lately they improved overall rewards...
    There is no argument that could make you see things like I do, and I am not trying to do that, all I want is ask Kabam to reconsider.
    Ps: I will not answer any of your posts again!!
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    May I add nobody cares what posts you are going to answer and which posts you won’t answer it’s the forums
  • AzenstarAzenstar Posts: 22
  • AzenstarAzenstar Posts: 22
    Kabam are you ever going to bring back the selling option for 5* champs and above??
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    The reason is that people could milestone-drop in incursions for easy artifacts. You could drop to tier 3 and get 500 artifacts for every room cleared in sector 4
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    Why enable it in the first place???
    You should choose, either we can sell everything, or we can't sell anything!!!
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