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Why does a top ally still swap ?

I understand why maybe some high level ally's do the Shell Swap (that is NOT this conversation).

BUT, why would Obi-Wan still need to ?? If you’re already at number 1 (and 2) spots, with War Rating already 250+ above anyone else, what is the benefit you would be trying to get by continuing to throttle your WR by alternating seasons ?

If someone was NOT already at the top, I could see wanting to avoid climbing higher and so throttling your WR increases to alternating years, and hopefully keeping some of your matches against some lower teams.

But if already in top spot, what difference would it make keeping just 200-300 above anyone else (with alternating seasons), versus just climbing up 500+ (or 1000, or whatever) above everyone else with just using the same ally for every season. They are gonna match against the other highest end ally’s anyways.

Just curious as to why they would still need to do it ?


  • FrostyFrosty Posts: 450 ★★★
    Have the unused alliance have treasury dumps during the month to help keep AQ free
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