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Claire Voyant not getting fury buff from Warlock and Ultron synergy



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    Da2Vero33ManDa2Vero33Man Posts: 158
    Okaythen said:

    Both arguments are valid. However, in Claire Voyant's kit it uses the word "purify". This means she has immunity (to whichever curse she is on) the same way Red Hulk has immunity to incinerate. Red Hulk is immune in so far that he actually purifies the incinerate and gains a charge. Claire does not get a charge. She just "purifies" the debuf.

    This is somewhat incorrect
    Purify is completely different to immunity
    Using this logic domino is 50% immune
    Red hulk has no immunity just the ability to convert debuffs to passive effects
    This can be reduced and blocked
    Rulk will also take damage against mephisto AOi
    She purifies prexisting effects but is immune to any that are applied during the phase
    I had this conversation with Kabam and even raised it as a possible bug with Red Hulk. Red Hulk purifies incinerate and when he purifies he gets a passive charge. However, Red Hulk is not immune like Havok or Void so Red Hulk will take damage from the incinerate circle that Mephisto creates as a defensive circle - just no incinerate debuff.
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    Da2Vero33ManDa2Vero33Man Posts: 158
    Claire Voyant will not get the fury buff on something that she purifies. So when she starts the fight or switches to a different curse she purifies any debuffs of that type. Hence she does not get the fury buff as she purifies those buffs. However, on a bio or caltrops node she will get the fury buff if she is in the correct curse when the debuff is applied.
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