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Old (were Fixed) things that BROKE again after HB Beta went live (crystal order, mastery description

2 issues that had been fixed with April Update (listed in Change Log and Known Issues fixes) suddenly were broken again sometime around when HB Beta was available.

And no, this is not necessarily in the Beta itself, happens in Normal Game server currently...


Was finally fixed for April, worked fine for a week, then after HB Beta they are mixed up again. Like the code for that fix was rolled-back.


Was a very brief time after they reworded the Parry Mastery (for the “up to an extra 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 sec” wording) that the values were out-of-sync with the field they should have been inserted into in the Description.
Was corrected pretty soon that day.
NOW, after HB Beta started, fields for the 3 sets of values are out-of-sync again.
Says “up to an extra 25.0 secs of stun time”. The 25.0 should be for the “reduces damage by” field in description.

And (maybe) DESPAIR wording. ChangeLog said wording should have been added to say “caps at 100%”. Honestly never checked wording this past week, but currently that wording IS NOT in there. So maybe also got rolled-back like Parry wording.

(Re-submitting as new, since one of thread above was time-locked because it HAD been resolved). Both new situations after HB Beta though.

** Anyone notice anything else that somehow was “rolled-back” ever since the HB Beta (on the Normal Game Server, not just Beta server) ??
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