Can we fix Sentry's sig ability?

Can the developers please just remove the second component of Sentry's awakened ability already? It is widely accepted by everyone in this community that the health requirement to utilize his persistent charge mechanic is absurd, and completely ruins a character that would otherwise have some solid uses in the game. Sentry was released right when persistent charges were becoming a common mechanic in the game, and as an early implementation it's understandable that it would be flawed. I just don't get why it hasn't been fixed yet. There is literally never a situation in which Sentry is worth healing up to keep his reality warp charges. He's just not good enough to justify that penalty.

While ideally that portion of his sig ability would be replaced with something like "At the beginning of each fight, Sentry heals x health per reality warp charge", where x scales up with his sig level, even just removing the second bullet altogether would be a massive improvement. This seems like one of the simplest fixes in the game to instantly elevate a champion's status while hardly requiring any effort on the part of the development team.


  • MaesterAegonMaesterAegon Posts: 63
    Make Sentry Great
  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 647 ★★★
    It does suck, at least if u go full sentry and take him to max sig it goes down to 0% but i agree it should be removed altogether
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    When it comes to signature abilities, I consider Sentry to be a real All or Nothing champ similar to Namor. They can't really shine until they're sig 180 or above, which is really tough to do. As someone said, at max sig, Sentry no longer has a health requirement to retain his reality warp charges. It's a steep hill to climb, but he can be pretty good when maxed.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    What it should be: charges are carried between fights and the damage boost potency is increased from 40-100% based on sig level, such a simple change that would make him a really hard hitter
  • jay_says_hijay_says_hi Posts: 22
    @May_The_Way Yeah but I don't think any significant number of players are dumping potions into Sentry. From what I've seen barely anyone plays him to begin with, much less heals him up to keep persistent charges.

    @Mirage_Turtle Yeah, he's definitely set up that way, but the value you get from maxing his signature ability (which is a huge investment in this game, given the rarity of sig stones) just isn't worth it in the same way it is for someone like Namor (or CapIW & Void in the science class). It doesn't give him new utility, it just unlocks a piece of utility it feels like he should already have.

    @Lvernon15 Yeah, honestly the first part of his sig where he goes indestructible on losing his combo is also pretty bad; an increased potency to his reality warps would definitely be a huge improvement. I was just trying to propose an incredibly simple solution that might appeal to Kabam because it would be so much easier to implement than any sort of comprehensive rework.

    I just wish they would try to make a habit of making a minor buff to a character each month. Seems like a real easy way to keep engagement/interest up in the community. If I recall correctly they did "surprise" buffs of Civil Warrior and Gamora back in the day, right? The full reworks with beta testing and stuff are nice, but they take an incredibly long time.
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