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Hello all

I would like to know how best strategy to play with a red hulk, and who can inflict more damage red hulk with 6 heat charges or a green hulk with fury? I have a liquid courage and why red hulk does not gain a + heat charge ? He can 90% convert the poisoning into heat but with a liquid courage he does not work ? bug ?

And why when the red hulk does a special attack 1 (2 hits), these 2 hits deal energy damage and 2 special attack (hit and stone or rock ) just the first blow inflicts energy damage but not the stone / rock .

And Incineration does same damage from sp 2 with 6 heat charges and 1 heat charges ? same damage ?

Я хотел бы узнать как лучше всего играть с красным халком, и кто больше урона может нанести красный халк с 6 жарами или зеленый халк с яростью ? у меня прокачена пьяная удаль и почему красный халк не получает дополнительные жары ? он может 90% конвертировать отравление в жар но с пьяной удалью он не получает ? может это баг ? и почему когда красный халк делает специальную атаку 1 ( 2 удара ), эти 2 удара наносят энергетический урон а 2 специальная атака (удар и камень) всего лишь первый удар наносит энергетический урон ?


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    Regular hulk can hit way harder with no fury than red hulk even if he has 6 heat charges. To play him for optimal damage you have to manage his sp1s to keep him at 4-6 heat charges.The reason the rock part of his sp2 doesn't do energy damage is because it is contact with red hulk that causes radiation damage not the rock. Heat charges do not effect red hulk's base attack so incinerate damage doesn't scale. Hope that answers your questions
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    In short, Rulk is a rather weak champ...
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    I use Rulk as one of my top AW attackers in tier 2 to battle Mystics. His energy damage carry's good value. But the great thing about Rulk is that his heat charges don't trigger MD. Hulk can easily trigger MD, so I avoid using him in AW attack. Took him to r5 and have never looked back. Has played a big impact in AW
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