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All of healing potions/energy potions in overflow don't show up

So I just pop opened 100 uncollected free crystals (those that you get every 4 hours), I got around 160 level 2 health potions and around 60 small energy refills. I was like okey pretty good stash I will have in overflow. Then I check the overflow and there are around 30 lvl 2 health potions and 20ish small energy refills. Where did my potions go lol. I didn't take screenshots of that but if it's need I'll open another 100 and send it here.. Is there maybe a limit number of potions you can have in overflow?


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    If you have opened 100 uncollected 4 hour crystals, then it's not possible to get 160 potions
    It's just a visual bug
    Try to do the math the next time (when it happened to me I believed it as well)
    Same thing happens with arena boosts

    Agree/confirmed.. opening a lot of these type of crystals often times shows that you “SUPPOSEDLY” opened way more (potions, energy, Sig stones, boosts,) than you actually did.

    Only the ACTUAL amount opened would have gone into Inventory/Stash.
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