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Game forces closed

When I get a notification from my line app and click on it it goes to the app and then why not try to return to the game it restarts the game how can I go back and forth without it shutting down the game? (I have an Android ZTE blade)


  • Sometimes happens when I'm switching apps too
  • Jdub606Jdub606 Posts: 6
    Sposed to say 'when I' not 'why not'.. but fr there has got to be a way to fix this. Seems like I'm the only one in my alliance with this problem
  • NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 291
    To me happens often same when I play incursions (dungeons) or make some special in some champions (like sp1 of The Thing).
  • Jdub606Jdub606 Posts: 6
    Just seems to be a big issue with the ZTE blade.. hold the power button down and then when the menu pops up hold the power off button until it gives you the option for safe mode put it on safe mode and then when your phone has loaded like that hold the power button down again and then hit restart.. should take care of the problem
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