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Catalyst Selector - Can you add current Inventory Count to pop-up Cat Description Box.

Cat. Selector choice screen (aka Black Market, or from other game reward or unforeseen/unplanned reward pop-ups)...

Who would like to see Kabam add your current Inventory Count to the smaller pop-up Describing each individual Class type of Cat when you click on that Class Cat during the Selection Screen ??

There are many examples of showing current count (especially Crystal Frags status), and should be very easy to add to Catalyst Selector screen too (to the yellow quote pop-up description box, for each individual class).

(yes, people will say “Be Prepared”, but seems like such a simple addition they could add)


  • Artic_ToweryArtic_Towery Posts: 41
    Yeah, or maybe allow the catalyst selector to be in stored in people's inventory? This way people could check what they need/want before opening
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 267 ★★
    Best idea ever
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