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So diversity works like this: 30 points per different defender (different star for same champ is not a different champ), up to a total of 4500 points if you have 3 battlegroups. My alliance just lost a war because of diversity where our opponent scored a perfect 3000 (we're 2 groups), but the majority of the alliance is confident that there were duplicates.
My understanding of diversity (from 2 group perspective), which I believe is correct, is that it takes into account all battlegroups (100 different champs, no duplicates across all groups) and is not calculated per battle group (50 different champs per group, but can mirror each other). I counted for this current war, although 10 minutes late, and my opponent's diversity cannot possibly be higher than 81 assuming my understanding is correct, but I fear that the way diversity is supposed to work is not how it's actually working.

Am I understanding correctly?


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    Per BG.
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    Diversity is only counted per BG.
    If you run 2 BGs you can have mirror 50 champs in both BGs and have perfect diversity (3.000 points)
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    Seraphion said:

    Diversity is only counted per BG.
    If you run 2 BGs you can have mirror 50 champs in both BGs and have perfect diversity (3.000 points)

    Appreciate it.
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    Agree with @GroundedWisdom & @Seraphion per BG. Would be a challenge to have 150 decent defenders across 3BGs. Some don't even have every champ yet, myself included. :smile:
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    Even if you did:

    174 total champs:
    4 trophies: Thanos, Kang, Goldpool, Wolverine (weapon X)
    6 4* max: Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Wolverine, Vision AOU, Ms Marvel, Red Deadpool
    3 Champs only though arena and cav crystals. (Sorcerer Supreme, Storm, Terrax)
    3 Champs only in featured 5* crystals as well (Moleman, Mojo, Longshot)

    Total: 158 champs at 5* or above for most alliances without focussed spending.

    That's only 8 champs above the 150 required for 3 bg, which would have meant basically no one could have perfect diversity any time before 4 months ago, which was season 15 or so, even if you used the weak champs like standard Iron man and Hawkeye, and the somewhat rare champs like Thor, Black Widow, and OG vision.
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    Is there any tools for set diversity?
  • RZL said:

    Is there any tools for set diversity?

    Personally I'm old school because I use a pen and paper, lol. On one can break out an app to type it out. Allocation of each player in the BG's potential defenders via screenshots, or you can utilize the new top champs section of the player's profile. Then it's a matter of selecting them so you don't have too many (if any) repeat defenders. Beyond doing that, I don't think there's any "tools" to set diversity.
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    I think when they first announced diversity it was supposed to be across all Bgs but it's never actually worked that way.
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