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iOS bugs?

Hi there kabam team, i have a question, i know there is another topic about this but i want to make sure if it's only on me or for many others..
From 3 days game is crashing, first 2 days were ok.. 2 -3 times a day maxim, now it's crashing like every 10 minutes? It's kinda annoying.. losing in arena, dying in quests..
I have an iPhone7 updated, game is updated.. if it's not from the game please let me know...
Thank you !


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    Kabam PorthosKabam Porthos Posts: 4,676
    Hey Hinosa, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. If you haven't already, please take a moment to share the information requested in the dedicated lag and performance issues thread for iOS users, located HERE.

    The feedback we receive in that thread is instrumental in allowing us to make future improvements to the game. While it's not possible for us to acknowledge or thank each player individually for their feedback, we really do appreciate every report we receive.
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