Bi yearly or quarterly utility crystals...

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Sort of like the crystals Kabam already occasionally sells, but with a better average of champs aimed at mid tier players with price still being relatively the same or even exactly the same crystal just slightly cheaper.

This idea largely comes from the theory that DNA proposed in his thread about the inability of the general average players being unable to progress through act 6 without it being toned down effectky shutting all progress leading to boredom and stagnation.

Maybe even make it unit or shards based, but with the intention of the crystal giving players a chance at a champion that can used in act 6, and I mean actually used for some fights, lanes and bosses through their utility.

Meaning viable, not meme tier with utility unless the crystals are cheap or shard based like old featured crystals then this could be the balance or safety net to keep things from spiraling out of control. Could also be monthly that they’re available if shared based. Maybe through black iso store limits.

I’ve thought about crystal based on champs released by their year, but even still a risk that it will largely not benefit the players along with a type of class crystal.

The developers who designed the paths should have had and I imagine they do have a clear idea of what is needed to clear each and every lane in act 6. From this the data could be pulled and the crystals could be made and even implemented into the champions hashtag feature.

Also on another note, the community needs more communication from the team. Maybe even have the team weekly review a set of paths to share their thought process behind the designed paths, tips and tricks. I believe this would go a long way into easy the tension between the players and Kabam.

I also want to make it clear that this shouldn’t be a means of necessary flooding accounts with a crazy number of new champions because then we’d all run into a problem similar to seatins. I use to think pricing down cav crystals would be a good idea, but have come the conclusion that they’ve only ruined the game and that I personally would never want to face seatins situation.

DNA’s theory that the average player could have all the champions in the game, but still not progress I think is solid. They have to have the necessary champions and then slowly build the skill. So making more champs available through way cheaper crystals would unnecessary cause them to spend for champions that even if op would serve them no good in clearing content like act 6.
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