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Wants to re-download the same update every time I go to login [Under Investigation]



  • Raider17Raider17 Posts: 25
    I have Uninstalled all apps that clean my device, restarted it and the same thing, having to download the game again & again. If I Uninstall MCOC will I be able to get back in without losing champions, gold etc, etc. Any advice will be APPRECIATED!
  • ZazcoisaZazcoisa Posts: 28
    So it's been so long since this problem came out and they have done nothing yet
    When are you going to fix this thing kabam?
  • QuincyPeckQuincyPeck Posts: 63
    I’m having the same problem on an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 11.0.1. Not just an Android problem.
  • JakobitzJakobitz Posts: 41
    After the 15.1 update I keep encountering the additional 500+K in game data download at least three times a day. Not cool. iOS 11.0.01, iPhone 6s
  • MunashMunash Posts: 21
    iPad Air
    iOS 11.0
    Same problem of having to download 500 mb every time I start the app.
  • GilgaGilga Posts: 2
    IPhone 6plus
    IOS 11
    Tried updating with both Wi-Fi and cellular
    No data cleaning app is active
    Tried deleting the app and reinstalling
    But nothing has worked
    Have already installed the game 6 times
    Please fix the update and provide a solution. Maybe release a full version of the update so that we can download it in one go
  • iphone X
    Don't see update option even available.
    Restarted, re-installed, etc. Nothing.
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