Do you guys think bringing a new deadpool (platinum pool) is a good decision ??

Do you guys think bringing a new deadpool (platinum pool) is a good decision ?? 27 votes

KennadoKDSuperFlash10VoltolosRoboct1PotatolegionLovekM_Master19Mcocmoleman56 8 votes
Kabiraz77Silver_SagaSunny2 3 votes
Hell No
RagamugginGunnerVgerjdrum663A63NTORAN63mrcyrcleBala_riyz01Lil_Lasagna 7 votes
Who cares ?
Spity68Primmer79Mqc19ThatGuyYouSaw235xxgonzoxxTheDuke899KingKevin8DeathLoveMauled 9 votes


  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 121
    edited May 20
    It depends on how he's brought in. If there's actually a guaranteed way to get him without spending money, then I'm fine with it.
  • MauledMauled Posts: 905 ★★★
    Who cares ?
    It’s a unit sink. He doesn’t look to be spectacular, if someone wants to dump 20k units on hunting him who am I to teach them the value of money?
  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 737 ★★★
    If there's a way to get him without money, then that would be awesome
  • Lil_LasagnaLil_Lasagna Posts: 1,182 ★★★
    Hell No
    We’ve got enough of them honestly what is the point. It’s just a money grab. If there’s some platinum pool based event where we get shards for plat pool crystals that have a chance to get him or get a lot of gold or units then sure I’ll happily do that.
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