Which is better against the collector?

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I'm deciding whether to r4 my duped juggy or r3 my unduped magik. Both are 5 stars

Which is better against the collector? 22 votes

Unduped magik
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Duped juggy
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  • Unduped magik
    I used 4* duped magik during my go at collector. Rarely got to her s2 before she died. When she did it was nice though.

    With juggy your guaranteed to get a copy hits in at the get go and if you get a special. But then again you gotta have enough hp to take the hits.

    So probably magik.
  • i had a crapload of tiny revives so i used r5 awakened hulk. he is a beast when almost dead.
  • Duped juggy
    unit is your best bet !!!

    finished collector with duped magik 4*r4 in my team, but shes not doing much,always ko'd by colector sp1 before magik reach sp2 bar
    maybe jugg can deliver much damage since he start the fight with unstopable ... maybe, duno i dont have him

    ps. collector sp1+bane instantly kill you, nomatter who you bring, except dd classic i think
  • GP can power lock and bleed with special 2. Dormammu can power drain by finishing combos with a medium Attack. Both work well against the Collector. Classic DD also evades projectiles and OG Vision power drains constantly.
  • Use heavy hitters against him n do as much damage u can until he uses his specials
    Like juggy cb
  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529
    Neither. Use some power control champs like vision or dormamu or use someone who can do a lot of damage in minimum hits like hulk,drax and use a lot of revives
  • Duped juggy
    I think R4 can make more damage, then R3. And there are too little chances to be alive with magiks sp2 ready. I done collector with r3 5* BP. 5-8 hits, and waiting till bleed ends. Always take 10-15k health from Collector in one run. Sometimes more. If I had someone better, like 5* dupped hawkeye, it will be faster.
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