Improving Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman has some great mechanics, but unfortunately, even when played skillfully, it is much too hard to access her full damage potential, and her utility is fairly underwhelming. Here are my ideas for two simple tweaks that would make her a fantastic (haha, get it?) champion without making her overpowered:
  • Give her force field an incredibly high amount of energy resistance (similar to Bishop's). That way as long as a player manages to keep their force field up, she will be an excellent counter to Dormammu's degen, Magik's limbo, etc. The force field should still be able to be taken down easily with physical hits, to which she is vulnerable. This would also serve to enhance her class advantage over Mystic champions, as they commonly utilize energy damage. In its current form, the force field does not absorb enough damage to be useful in any meaningful way.
  • Allow her to maintain her invisibility on parries. Using dexterity 20+ times to access damage is just silly, and doesn't allow Invisible Woman to compete with the literally dozens of champions with easier access to high damage mechanics. Then, her synergy with the Fantastic Four should be adjusted to give her an 85% chance to maintain her invisibility on blocked hits.
She would still take skill to play, and she would still take time to ramp up. However, she would then have a handful of great uses that would make her a valuable addition to a summoner's roster.


  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    Also she has a bug somewhat. When you backdraft intercept it still registers it as a hit, so even if you DO play perfectly without parry (which isn’t too much to ask) you can hardly intercept
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