Loyalty spend - Alliance Events

Even this being a minor thing to consider it must be addressed. Now that we don’t have a treasure to donate I can’t use 100 loyalty like I used to to get the milestones. I’m gonna have to buy some random item that I don’t need and spend more loyalty than I would want to get those awful rewards from this nonsense daily event.
Yes they’re bad rewards but I want them because I can’t help myself.

Kabam - make the changes that makes us happy and we all be gladly giving u more money!
Get rid of those mercs too and those arena bots! Don’t forget the bugs!


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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,993 Guardian
    Using Loyalty to get those AQ Tickets will probably still count.
    (not sure if tickets are something you’ll be able to buy in advance, or if it s a ticket you “buy” at time of actually joining AQ ?)

    Also, if unable to buy Tix in advance (or also this week before they even exist), you can buy an Alliance Crystal (1000 Loyalty). Cheaper than even smallest 5000 Loyalty item in store.
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