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Special attacks missing

IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 551 ★★
So yesterday in AW I fired Warlocks sp2 and the first few hits past straight through the opponent.. Thought I had fired it too far away or something..
Then last night the first hit of Stark spider sp2 past through gambit in Monthly eq..
I’m still thinking I must be doing something wrong..
but the same thing with Sunspots sp2 vs Ronin in AQ last night and again vs second Ronin in AQ today..
Now I’m getting mad and don’t think it’s me screwing up..
move to red rooms..
I bait a heavy off taskmaster and immediately fire my sp2 (CMM) I watch as the whole thing passes straight through him while he plays out his whole heavy attack animation and then gets hit by the final hit..
Now I know 100% it’s not me screwing up..
Anyone else having these issues?
I’m on iPhone X


  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,041 ★★★★★
    Well I dunno about the rest, but for Taskmaster he has a miss abillity on his heavy. That is what happened in that fight.
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 551 ★★
    Seriously?.. I’ve never had it happen before with him once he goes debuff immune that’s how I play him.. It never called anything out..
  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,041 ★★★★★
    IOSJasoN said:

    Seriously?.. I’ve never had it happen before with him once he goes debuff immune that’s how I play him.. It never called anything out..

    He gets a passive miss abillity if you check his info under heavy attack. It doesn't get a call out but a icon under his name.
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 551 ★★
    Yeah I just read that.. a bit of sneaky wording as it says while charging his heavy.. Where as he actually played out the entire animation of it.. But thanks for that info mate I appreciate it.. Now to find out about the other misses wish I had the memory to record all game play until I catch it outright..
  • 007md92007md92 Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    I learned a lot about Taskmaster for this past months event.
    He is arguably the most technical champion in the game. And a complex one.
    He can do crazy stuff.
    Seriously... Like u would think archangel is beast with 3 neurotoxin.
    Taskmaster can drop those and become immune mid fight. And suck every ounce of crit damage from spacial. And that miss..
    Damn... He is a hidden gem
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