Impossible to access AW Menu

It's been 3 days that I cannot access AW menu (and Unit Store) on the game. Now I have no alliance to play and kabam support does not even try to understand what's going on.

Tried everything you can think about, but the crash is still there. I'll loose this season and I don't know when the problem will be solved because I have no alliance to check if this menu is accessible to me.

3 days!!! Multiple tickets and trying everything and nothing. Thank you, kabam for doing NOTHING to help


  • So what happens when you click on drop-down menu icon where 1832 is shown ?
    Does it crash at that point, or does it just not do anything (no access to menu) ?
    Is it just AW menu, or all menus ?

    Might have to uninstall and reinstall game. Maybe the downloaded graphic portions of game in your device memory is messed up, and reinstall might fix.
  • Already reinstalled about 5 times and tried to do this on 2 different devices. When I click on AW Menu, Unit Store or click on some player name to Show Profile the game freezes. It's like It is trying to load something because global chat keeps rolling with new messages.
    A few minutes ago I tried, again, to enter this menu (AW). It took about 4 minutes to load it. I came back to main menu and tried again to access AW, but this time with no success.
  • I reinstalled again some minutes ago and it got worst. It turnrd back to previous situation when text was like system variables (no language), imagens does not load and I cannot access even solo events. What the heck os going on? It's been 3 days and nothing is fixed. I was expecting the last mainetance could solve this but instead it got worst
  • Mainer123Mainer123 Posts: 527 ★★
    Wow I feel for ya. Hope it works out for you . If you need a new alliance friend me in game. Name is the same as on here
  • EstrelaaEstrelaa Posts: 1
    Not acessibilyt my conta
  • Thank you @Mainer123 . I'll add you in the game!
  • @Kabam Miike is there any idea about when this issue will be fixed? I'm reading some evaluations on google store about the game and there's a lot of players facing the same problem. We'll loose all season rewards because alliance will not maintain members that can't fight on AW
  • @Mainer123 another bug detected: I cannot answer your message in the game... it's pretty annoying
  • BiosmithiiBiosmithii Posts: 21
    Some people in my ally and me, are with the same issue. To solve this, try disconnect from Wi-Fi network, keep on 4G. That's solve my problem
  • Thank you @Biosmithii . That was one of the procedures I tried to do before. Tried again when I read your message and did not work :'(
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