As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Quake or CMM to R5

Last week I got lucky and pulled a Cap Marvel (Movie), Omega Red and Sabertooth.

I immediately brought CMM to R4 and replaced venom (R4) with her. This required replacing my 5th spot on quest team with a 3* Nick Fury as that is all I have for him.

My quest team is now AA (R5 duped 100 sig), Quake (R4 duped 40 sig), CMM (R4), Doc Oc (R4 duped 40 sig) and Nick (3* his synery with CMM a must and synergy with Quake is quite nice also.

I am half a T5b to R5 my next, but now really torn between Quake and CMM.

Do I go with Quake or CMM and if CMM do I wait for a better Nick Fury.?


  • OzFearUsOzFearUs Posts: 242
    I can Quake and Bake quite well, Quake and Shake though not so much.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,785 ★★★★★
    Quake maybe Quake instead, but either one works. I’d suggest putting in practice Quaking and Shaking.
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    Just rank quake and git gud.

    You will thank me later.
  • DarthPhalDarthPhal Posts: 1,064 ★★★★
    Quake first.

    CMM later.
  • IKONIKON Posts: 1,323 ★★★★★
    The answer is Quake, because there's a good chance she never gets into the 6* pool.
  • Xguard77Xguard77 Posts: 552 ★★★
    Quake for sure
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