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AW Diversity Points

TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 732 ★★★
edited June 2020 in General Discussion
Hey all,

Just wondering here, is it a thing now to sacrifice 1 or 2 defender diversity to gain more attack bonus points? Last 5 or so wars, we've fought teams with not perfect diversity (we still won them btw, but still!)

Attack bonus 80pts x 3 = 240
Assuming full atk bonus throughout: 38,160 (150 x 240 + (9 empty nodes))
Diversity: 30pts x 150 = 4500

So let's assume

Team 1 lost 1 atk bonus but has max diversity
Team 2 lost 0 atk bonus but has 1 less diversity

Team 1
Attack bonus: 38, 080 pts (9 empty nodes + (149 x 240) + 160)
Diversity: 4500

Total pts: 42, 580

Team 2
Attack bonus: 38,160
Diversity: 4,470

Total pts: 42,630

With this logic team 2 actually wins this war. Am i correct?

So if Kabam wants more diversity, then why not make diversity points 240 instead of 30 pts? that way it will force everyone to maximize diversity?

Or do you guys think that duping defenders and placing them carefully is a better option?


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,602 Guardian
    Placing a unique defender should not reward more than winning a fight.

    Or more precisely, losing a fight should cost you more than placing a Dup. One is an actual fight (showing skills or strength), the other is point-and-select.

    And changing diversity from 30 to 240 would be equating a Dup'd defender to actually losing 3 fights.

    While Kabam may want your Ally to think about Diversity so it's not just the same 5 champs on every node all the time, don't think they meant “at the expense of not caring how you fight”.
  • Crumb3307Crumb3307 Posts: 339 ★★
    Your example is somewhat skewed because your diversity isn’t really tied to your attack bonus, but it’s tied to the other teams attack bonus. Do you add a crappy defender for diversity that won’t get a kill, or add a duplicate defender that might get a kill and take points away from the other team? Diversity is sort of the safe bet, it’s guaranteed points, whereas duplicating defenders is the gamble. You’re giving up some points for yourself in hopes you’ll take points away from the other team.
    I think t6-t8 choosing diversity is the best option because it’s pretty easy and there are few defenders that are likely to get a kill for the most part. T5+ with flow is a different story as lots of defenders are likely to get kills, so diversity isn’t as important.
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 732 ★★★
    Crumb3307 said:

    Your example is somewhat skewed because your diversity isn’t really tied to your attack bonus, but it’s tied to the other teams attack bonus.

    Am not actually linking the two. They are two separate entities.

    What am trying to say is. I think its a bit unfair if team 1 loses if a duplicate defender for failing to get the full attack bonus on that dupe.

    But yeah. thanks for all d inputs. i appreciate it 😄
  • ShadyShikoShadyShiko Posts: 15
    Maybe 240pts is a bit much for diversity point.

    Maybe 120 is better so at least gives some atk bonus room and some.
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