Major reason why incursions suck.

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Inb4 find a partner to play with.

Sometimes you just want to get in and out, especially us who do sector 6 for top zone rewards when finishing sector7.
Why can't we just continue on even if a partner quits? Literally have gotten to room 9 several times for someone to say they g2g while I have a 4 charge CG. I can easily solo a room 10 sector 6 incursion like most people. So why stop us from moving on alone? At least implement a review system for players like this that do these kinds of things. Whether they actually g2g or not, this is some troll level stuff.


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    This and the buffs are getting boring. Why are you not swapping out the buffs with new ones Kabam? Is it really too much work to make new ones? Its getting so stale.
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    Find a partner to play with lol
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    Find a partner to play with lol

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    "Thanks! Good work!"

    Absolutely savage lol.
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