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AQ COMPLETED Tab finally showing full Previous AQ Cycle (Thanks)

New AQ just started.
Noticed that the COMPLETED Tab now lets you see the full history of the Previous AQ Cycle, even while we are in a new AQ Cycle now.

People have been asking for a while, and now it is added 😀

(PS... can AW history be expanded to show at least 12 Wars instead of 10, so we can see full Season after it ends).


  • GUESS NOT, ughh.

    Well, it WAS there for a while after the new AQ was available to be started.

    But evidently the previous series then disappeared from Completed Tab once we actually started our AQ for today (didn’t check it right away, so just noticed now when I came back).

    Would be nice if they left the Previous Series there even during the current Series.
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