Signature Stone Cap

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As a player who has a large number of sig stones that i cannot viably use at the moment , I think it would be a good idea to increase the cap from 100 to 200. Many players such as myself are in a position where we have few champions that we can pour our signature stones into or we are saving them for champions that require high levels. It would be a good quality of life change especially since I have started to save my 5* sig stone crystals to avoid reaching the limit on them. Since in the roadmap we were told they would be more accessible it would be good to increase the amount we can hold particularly because of the 200 sig levels 5* champs have.
Thoughts ?
Thanks for reading :)


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    Please share with me 😂 I’m at the other end of the spectrum!

    I agree though, 5* Sig stones should really have a cap of 200 so you can at least fully sig up a single champ
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