Updated AW rewards: Still tone deaf

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This is not a complaint about the rich getting richer, I have zero problem with those who put that much effort and resources into AW getting great rewards, this is about reward distribution.

Our alliance is typically tier 6, we normally place silver 1.

All of our opponents have rosters full of 5/65s and 6/2s. I assume they’re in the same boat as us, we play AW as a pastime and don’t put resources into it.

None of the new rewards do much of anything for us, especially since we can earn more than that in one week of AQ.

Where Kabam is missing the mark is in the t5 basic and class shard distribution. That’s what would make it worthwhile. As is 2% for platinum 4 seems extremely low for a class, that’s 2% after 6 weeks of waiting. After one whole year that’s only about 16% of a t5c, and those would rarely all be the same class. That’s a reward that should be going to bronze, or even stone. That low amount of shards isn’t going to upset any balance whatsoever.


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    Why would bronze or stone receive T5CC? Id personally say G1, maybe G2 recieve 2% minimum, but no lower. P4 should be receiving at least 5-10% each month
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    I agree. Let the rich get richer. They essentially keep Kabaam operational. Plus, its not like us in platinum will ever face off against them. Big whoop they have a whole 5-man team of 6r3's.

    I do agree with the rewards outside of Masters. I have been floating around P4 since its inception and it has been the best bang for your buck. So so pressure with good rewards. After seeing that t5cc was introduced last buff, I wasnt shcoked to see a whopping 2% crystal. I knew it was gonna be like that. But... With this update, its quite pathetic... 5k 6*, 15k 5*, t5b, 3 t2a, and 2% t5cc. I'm ok with most of that for P4 EXCEPT THE T5CC. As you stated, 2% for 6 weeks or w/e is quite awful. We get maybe 10 seasons a year. So you're telling me that 20% of a t5cc (if we got all the same class) is rewarding?? At this rate, I will have my 1st formed t5cc by the year 2030... Just in time to find out that the game is going down permanently...

    The t5cc needs a bump. 2% x2 for G1, 5% x2 for P4, etc
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    Not even an update to the war victory and defeat crystals. Its crazy I can be a platinum alliance and pull a 3 star arena boost from a VICTORY crystal. This is laughable, really sad that this was a response after "listening to weeks of feedback" none of our feedback is implemented. Tactics will still cancel diversity, and war is obviously there just to milk people of units. this is sad and now I have zero hope for the rest of the announcements. We dont want longer fights we want less time in between moves, that alone shows me none of what we want is taken in consideration.
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    Why would bronze or stone receive T5CC? Id personally say G1, maybe G2 recieve 2% minimum, but no lower. P4 should be receiving at least 5-10% each month

    Honestly I believe every level should receive a portion of the same rewards. Like give stone 125 6* shards. We’re talking YEARS before these add up to anything, it would do nothing to upset the balance of the game. If you have stone 1% of a t5cc every 6 weeks, what’s that going to effect? Absolutely nothing except that in five years or so they may somehow form one.

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    Totally agree, my alliance usually places plat4 and the rewards aren’t really a big step up. And the defense tactics are still bs. No improvement.
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