My Juggernaut Rework

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Hello everybody! In the past I made a magento idea for a rework and I think it would be a fun idea to revisit! With out further delay I’ll pitch my idea for a juggernaut Rework!


Abilities:Damage Resistance Unstoppable and Unstoppable Force. Fury,Vunerable,Nullify,Unstoppable Rage

-Juggernaut has extremely high damage resistance do to his natural durability and can take a lot of damage.
-High damage juggernaut has natural high damage potential with his fury and unstoppable force which combined with vulnerability makes for some excellent damage output
-Juggernauts nullify is extremely practical if he nullifys a unstoppable buff he gains one of his own.


-Block Proficiency. Due to having naturally high damage reduction he will have lower block proficiency but combined with his armor rating makes it close to average.

-Unstoppable counters. Any character besides cosmic who can stop juggernaut’s unstoppable will severely limit his damage due to not being able to activate his unstoppable force which means no fury.

-Mind Powers. If knocked by a heavy or special attack juggernaut will lose his helmet for ten seconds this will make his damage much worse and without his helmet to protect him from mental damage he takes 3x as much mind damage due to having no protection.

Unstoppable,Unstoppable Force and Unstoppable Rage .Every-time you land a successful Heavy attack or use a special you will gain a unstoppable and unstoppable force passive. Unstoppable force the more you gain up the more damage you will do. At 5 stacks you have a 5% bonus the max amount of unstoppable forces you can gain are 20 which is a 20% extra damage bonus You also gain unstoppable rage.Unstoppable rage grants juggernaut a 40 second fury with that allows him to do 40% more damage combined with unstoppable force that’s a 60% attack increase. After unstoppable rage is over you must wait 5 seconds to build more unstoppable force stacks.(You will stay at 20 stacks or unstoppable force until the fury expires)

Nullify.Same as the current juggernaut but with a few tweaks you still activate it through the heavy attack but if you nullify a unstoppable buff you will immediately gain 5 unstoppable charges and a 7 second unstoppable buff.

Damage Reduction. Juggernaut is extremely hard to kill/defeat. He takes 40% less damage from everyone if his helmet is on If he loses his helmet by getting hit by a special or heavy he loses all damage reduction.

Special One: Juggernaut smashes his fist into the ground. If he has 5 or more unstoppable charges gain a 45 second vulnerability Debuff on the opponent

Special 2. Juggernaut rams Into the opponents body. At 10 or more charges do twice the amount of damage you would do without them.

Special 3 Juggernaut slams his body into the opponent leaving them stunned for 2.5 seconds. If at 20 stacks of unstoppable force the stun will be 5 seconds.

That about ends my idea for a juggernaut rework I’ll add some ideas for the synergy’s in the comments but I’m spent for right now I hope to do more of these in the future because I love doing these. Have a wonderful day all of you :)


  • TheInfintyTheInfinty Posts: 711 ★★★
    Just thought of a synergy

    Unstoppable Force Vs Unmoveable Object with hulk: Hulk:Everytime you gain a fury you get triple the normal amount you would get. Juggernaut: If hit his helmet is lost gain it back in 5 seconds instead of 10.
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    I hope he's buffed and I like your idea. However, I would make it so his block proficiency can reach average while built up.
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    Do y'all not search for existing threads to post on? Lmao

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