New fight menu screen, no continue for aw

As you can see in the image, for aq there is a continue button that takes me directly to the quest map. But for aw there is no continue button. I have to click war, then click continue then click my bg to get to the map. I assume this is a bug?


  • Is the CONTINUE label on AQ a separate button from pressing anywhere else in the AQ panel/box ?

    Normally (previously) when there was a CONTINUE (like in Monthly Quest), it would Continue into map no matter where you pressed in the whole panel. (which was very annoying, as the only way to see overall rewards or the % Complete for other quests instead you always had to seek out the BILLBOARD for Monthly EQ from the HOME Screen instead).

    So if CONTINUE is a distinct separate button from the rest of the Quest Panel/Box now, that would be great.
    And if so, then YES, the AW should have it as well.

    And needing it to be separate, meaning how else would you be able to get to the overall AQ display of looking at current week's points, or other BG's other than your own.
    If CONTINUE were part of a single clicking item with the rest of the box (like always used to be), there would be no way to view other BG's (except to back out after initially being taken directly to your own BG at first).
  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 114 ★★
    Tapping anywhere else on the AQ tile except the continue button takes you to the AQ menu section. Not sure exactly what to call it, but what you used to get if you clicked the view button on the previous version of the fight screen. So really just need a continue button on the AW tile.
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