How do you feel about 6 Star Champs

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I honestly think they are not thinking about the other things that active players want, like some fixes to the game itself, and some Alliance updates.

What do you think?


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    Truth is, it's to early to tell but I do have 1 complaint tier 5 basic cats should come out long before 6* champs come out, and they need to increase summoner levels to "balance" out the new content

    I am a long time player over 2 1/2 years have over 400k rating over 5300 prestige and I wont lie I struggle big time in 5.3

    also I am holding off on ranking my 5* Magik to rank 4 as I am hoping the tier 5 basics are released real soon

    in game name Haunted stories just in case you don't believe me lol
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    One Not in the sense of homo sexuality or being happy but in the sense of slang terms meaning stupid or useless.
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    I don't like the idea at all. In order to get the best rewards through alliance quests and wars you need to be in a top alliance or it takes so long to get resources without spending money that the game will get very tedious. With 6 stars added, those to tiers will get them first, upgrade the faster and continue to pull ahead faster than anyone behind them can catch up. I don't have tons of time to play, but I have been patient and I figured if there is a top cap to the level champs can reach, eventually I could get my team and my alliance to those upper tiers where in now comes down to skill, not roster strength.

    With 6 stars it dashes those hopes. Will be playing at tiers 7-12 forever, because the strong will get stronger, faster.

    Also, an additional level of stars just makes it all very boring. We started and built a 2/3 star roster, then we did a 3/4 star roster and then a 4/5 star roster, now it will be a 5/6 star roster. It is redundant and repetitive. Same champs at each level, same basic skills, same game play; its just rinse and repeat. That isn't new content, it is just dressed up as new content. For me it will just lead me to get bored with the game sooner and stop playing before I otherwise would have. So my goal of reaching the top level is now impossible, because they will just move the bar again and they haven't added anything really new in the process.

    The new war map I was excited about, until I played it, terrible. Act 5.2 doesn't look like fun, with the unit drain final boss. Seems more like a drag I will have to slog through for better rewards.

    So basically, I don't really care anymore, at least not about advancing. Just playing the content, even the lower end stuff and just playing it with champs I haven't dusted off in a while. But without any end game at all, there really isn't anything worth working for, or spending on.

    I certainly hope, for the developer's sake anyway, I am in the minority in the playing community. I predict my playing days will be done long before I ever open a 6 star.
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    One Not in the sense of homo sexuality or being happy but in the sense of slang terms meaning stupid or useless.

    Word of advice, if you need to justify a particular adjective with qualifying remarks, you should probably choose a different adjective instead.
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    I wanna see how much it affects other things like the availability of 5 stars or if where going to see more 4 stars drop
  • It's a good thing. Without them game content will become stagnant and we would all get bored because you can only do so much before you make it to the point where only 3-5 champs are truly useful like it was before in some cases. Additionally in response to the 5.3 comment earlier I've only used my 5/50 4* champs on 5.3 and been doing just fine. I'm only 5150 prestige but I haven't even needed my 4/55 champs however 4/55 magik does help vs certain champs like WM.
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    I think getting 6* is a nice addition to MCOC for some differences to characters it may bring however, I do agree that MCOC needs more unique and open new content and in-game system updates/changes. Check out one of my discussions I came up with: 'Infinity Stones'.
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    Not a fan. Combined with AW becoming purely pay to win, I'm halfway out the door honestly and play minimally at this point. Hoping for things to improve. The one thing I want the most from this game is for the bugs to be fixed but that never happens. I'd much rather see new content like bases added than 6-star.

    I do understand the need for progression but they shouldn't negate the progress we've made. 6-stars should be ridiculously hard to get. Rank up materials and 4* and 5* champs should not be suddenly easier to obtain unless you are at a very advanced level. It already annoys me that I see sub-level 60 players with full 5/50 rosters when it took me over a year of hardcore playing to even obtain just one.
  • Look at the number one alliance on leaderboard "awakened" they have highlighted in their alliance status that no one wants stupid 6*s . Kabam said they were releasing for their welfare . But none of even high players want it . So can't just kabam listen to their players for once? I mean that how stubborn kabam actually is . Unless and until u get together and troll against them , they will just keep doing what they want .
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