Act 5.2.4 tips

I’m stuck on act 5.2.4, can anyone give tips on who to upgrade and how to fight the node. This is my roster:


  • Southern_KantSouthern_Kant Posts: 157
    Out bleed w sym supreme
  • Mercury79Mercury79 Posts: 551 ★★
    Bro best tips for machochism collect some units for revive and took boosts while going on act run boost help me a lot by clearing this path my both acount didn't have thatmuch good champs so I used boost on both a punt and it also help to consume less revive and less unit consumption...
  • PrincenayarwPrincenayarw Posts: 367 ★★
    Bro you need to save 1000+ units starting from at least now as you will need them when fighting the collector also i assume the yj is the problem, ht is the 2nd best option for me i found out in my run but i also had a warlock who is the best for this chapter, he did all the heavy lifting for me including beating caltrops storm and anmbush yj before the deadpool. To be honest i found the hardest fight in the chapter to be war machine as his sp1 is very unpredictable and you cant dodge it full.
  • _hbtygbty423__hbtygbty423_ Posts: 546 ★★
    Watch Shia Lebouf's insipirational speech video and you will do fine! I did that and aced it!
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