So Sayeth Doom Node Change


Can we have a discussion about this node design as well as any future nodes in the works that may be similar.

1) In any node designed to punish the player if they fail to complete said action, I believe there should also be a positive result to the player should they complete said action

(For example, If player successful intercepts gain a fury doing X% damage for X seconds)

2) This node allowing the same action to stack twice within the 17 second window is OP. Aside from champs with immense power gain how can a player realistically Fire two specials off in 17 seconds, especially if RNG requires those two actions as required of the player at start of the fight.

3) I know you gave us an out for the node by bringing a F4 tag champ, but with specific node sets like Acid Wash on Map7, there is no F4 champ that is viable for that path. I know KG via his shrug ability can handle that path, but that is one specific counter.

4) earlier this month you spoke about not wanting players to have to utilize the timeout or Corvus method to get around nodes. This node does exactly that should a player fail to complete the action set. For example if a player on map 7 brings a champ let’s says BWCV for Acid Wash and fails 4 times in the action set, they will have to then do 3 pause timeouts to get her back to a state where she can function to handle the node. If they player fails again that is 3 more pause timeouts. This can’t be the intention of the design team I would hope.

5) personally if you plan to keep this node I would like to see it changed to 1 action set per 17 seconds, and add some positive benefit to the player if we are successful in the required action.

I’m sure there are other players that have better solutions than me, but I do feel this node is going to be overwhelming for some, especially if they get bad RNG to start the fight.



  • Gregdagr8Gregdagr8 Posts: 338 ★★★
    The node should DEFINITELY only require one action. I actually didn't read that you needed to provide TWO actions till last night. Two actions is too much. I also think the #tags needs to be opened up. Having a global node for 4 champions is too much. Open it up to #heroes and only require one action and I think it's doable.
  • tafretafre Posts: 459 ★★★
    They never test these nodes properly so they have no idea how OP double stacking can get. It is very likely that the person who designed these nodes has very little idea how matchup specific some lanes in map7 are. They said they would stop designing nodes that only punish the player for not doing the right thing but here we are again... You say you do not want ppl timing out but with these nodes you are just encouraging and practically forcing people to timeout...

    I am pretty certain that these modifiers were designed before all the roadmap announcements. What I do not get is them still going with the designs which are pretty much what they said they were going to stop using since they create stress more than fun. Why not just scratch the whole modifiers for a while and go with how things are normally done?

    Also, I hope the prove yourself/mesmerize path is reworked before the next AQ iteration because there are absolutely 0 counters to the Mephisto on that path with the new Parry Curse modifier. Unless you want me to timeout on 1 fight, which you clearly declared was not a fun way to play, get the cross fight with 0% reduction, I do not see a way to make that fight work.
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 596 ★★★
    I would like to add a few things based on my Map7 So Sayeth Doom experience. I'm not here to just whine but talk about it and propose some possible changes:

    1. Can we please have Text Call Outs on Screen as well? While the icons are new and we will get used to seeing them and understanding what they mean, some fights have so many, it's extremely difficult to manage what is actually going on.

    2. I took the 2nd Thing mini with Stealth Spidey. While I slowed Thing, it prevented his evade and unstoppable but it also removed the So Sayeth Doom Timer! So while icons kept showing up every 17 seconds, I had no timer to gauge as to when I needed to complete those prompts. I ended up just ignoring them because it was too much, got all the debuffs on me and did what damage I could do... This needs to be fixed as slowing the opponent should remove the So Sayeth Doom timer. I'll try and get a video uploaded soon to show this.

    3. Double prompts of the same action can be very troublesome.

    * Example 1: If you start the fight with 2 Special prompts, with normal champions, it is almost impossible to get enough power to throw 2 special attacks. I started to save my power in case i would get the Special prompts which helped tremendously but it was still very punishing.

    * Example 2: The new swap of Longshot on Pleasure to Burn (swapped for Captain Marvel Movie). This new fight also has Oscillate. I had back to back cases where he switched to Armor (passive turtle mode) and was given double Intercept... I mean come on! How am I supposed to intercept a champ that won't attack me... Over the course of the Longshot fight (with a couple revives), he went into Armor mode 4 times and I got: Intercept x2, Intercept x2, Intercept x1, Intercept x1... I ended up completing my paths but item'd out. I have never item'd out and I don't want to talk about the hours I spent Timing out just to get thru... This is day 1. Yeah Yeah... I know - I'll go Get Gud and definitely need to consider swapping some path assignments around if this stays as is.

    4. Give us some viable method to remove the buffs besides having a tenacity champ. Again, with some nodes and the debuffs in placement - it just becomes a road stopper. Really think there needs to be something that rewards you for doing the actions that removes prior debuffs, not just punishment for failing.
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