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BG Assignment Bug

We’ve been using bg assignments for aq and aw without issue. But yesterday everyone got reassigned to completely different bgs in war.

So we had people placing defenders in the wrong bgs before we realized what happened.

We have only ever run 1 or 2 bgs for war but somehow a third had 10 people assigned to it, even though the bg wasn’t active for that war and we’ve never run a third bg.

This bug affected all alliance members, running the most up to date version of the game on various devices (android and iOS both).

Anyone else experience this?

Devs, any way to make sure it doesn’t happen again?


  • You can indeed assign people to a BG which you don't even run (example, a 2 BG AQ Ally, or a 1 BG AW Ally).

    Wonder if maybe some other officer was playing around with assignments, which do NOT show up as a change in the Alliance Pane where crystal openings, rank ups, and start/enlist of AQ/AW are otherwise shown. So there is no way to see they have been changed without going into Assignments pages and taking a look.
  • JestuhJestuh Posts: 112
    edited July 2020
    Yeah I asked the other officers and none had. We were all confused.

    And it had been fine the day before with the same people.
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