Best way to get iso8

M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
Im cavalier, 0 iso
Not playing aw only aq focused.

Is there any act that good and fast for grinding iso, or it'll be faster if i played arena (im not sure though)


  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★
    I get ISO from 4* champions, i say grind arena for 4* shards only. It won't take much time I think playing 4 or 5 times in 3 days will be enough. Don't stress yourself into arena, just play relax, in the beginning it will be pain, but soon you will get used to it, it don't waste any time. Because 4* champions are best way to get ISO.

    Another thing that you should keep in mind is that open 10 premium crystals at once. Don't open then one by one. When you will grind 4* shards from arena you automatically end up getting premium crystasl shards. Premium crystals are also a very good way to get ISO, just pop all at once.
  • ImranImran Posts: 472 ★★★
    Opening crystal, specially 4★
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
    Imran said:

    Opening crystal, specially 4★

    I dont play aw thats why i cant afford it :(
  • SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 385
    I personally grind in arenas to get phc. And if you dupe even a 2* u get lots iso.
    I think you get more iso from Act 4 .
  • ZaynouZaynou Posts: 166
    edited July 19
    Another way is everyone in the forum together request Kabam increase 3*dupe from 2x5000 ISO to 10X5000 ISO.
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