Aw Season 19

My prior post was unfortunately right. Silver 2 Ally who won too much Aw rewards.. Ha ha ha.. You can’t rank anything with those lame rewards.. We faced 32, 32, 21, 28. And I said we would pretty much have to lose next 2 Aw seasons literally even match to finally come down to what Kabam and top 1%, P2P, and Endgamers all day We should be at?? Say what?? We will lose every match this entire Aw season facing absurd enemies which All idiots who are High Say We won way too Much? How the heck does anyone think Silver 2 rewards are to much for a 10m a
ally.. What A Scam to Seperate P2P players Top 1% ‘ers and Endgamers to Win Every Aw match for the Next 3 Seasons. Yet their Gold, Plat, And Master Aw Rewards Were Not enough for Them?? No they Should have Won Way more Rewards??? What a Joke. MY ALLIANCE ALONG WITH COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE NOW GIVEN UP AW.. thanks again Kabam for making sure These So called New improved Aw 19 rewards Were supposed to be?? For who?? What rewards?? We will be Stone or less if that’s possible if we keep playing Aw.. just when u know the Aw was gonna be worse this season, it even defies worse and goes to a point of Obvious Favoritism..


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    Such salt can only be found in the ocean
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    30m alliances like mine, who are half f2p and don’t spend on wars were stuck in silver, the seasons rewards are terrible yes, for 10m alliances and more so for 30m alliances, I have 15X5/65s and 16 6*s, making us battle for silver rewards against other 30m alliances was horrible. it was breakingThe game for us and the loads of other alliances we faced every day (also in g3/ silver 2.) Anybody that was winning well over half their matches is now had their advantage taken away, it shouldn’t have been possible and it no longer is
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    My alliance had lost one war this season.
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    We've been stuck in silver 2 for 10 seasons, we start off silv 1, lose one war and that's it silv2 no matter how many wins after that. Now we play groups that was gold 2 last season and slaughter them. Other groups were silv 2 place no champs, silv1 no champs, bronze 1 would almost beat us. Idk what's going on but we're gold 3 now. We're a 13 mil alliance and we beat 20 mil this season, only lost once to a 30 mil
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