[Bug/Issue] Values not showing correctly

AgentNutzNZAgentNutzNZ Posts: 56
edited July 21 in Bugs and Known Issues

30 Arena Crystals lucky enough to receive 90 unit, but did not get that transfer only received 1/3.

This is after I exited from crystal opening... Misleading values, needs a fix


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 4,810 Guardian
    Could be either of ...

    Units get credited from each set of 10 opened, maybe not all at once after all 30. So part of your 90 units may have already been reflected in the 48 inventory shown.

    And, sometimes is a Visual Updating glitch, and if you exit and come back into the game (not just exit crystals screen) the proper amount of Units will then be shown.
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