Alpha Arena

I know this is part of the Gold Bug, but I have verified that the character arenas are now working fine after being locked out last night. The Alpha arena is still showing the "insufficient funds" error.

Kabam - can you confirm that the work around used for the champion arenas will be implemented for the Alpha arena as well? I started this arena prior to accidentally collecting the erogenous awards.



  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Still broken, I know its only 800,000 to get to an Alpha, but I have to work this weekend.

  • Antgeo1Antgeo1 Posts: 120
    Same thing happening here also. Alpha arena still gives an error, but the other arenas work fine.

  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Still have all the gold and Alpha is still not working. Can we please confirm when this will be fixed as the other arenas were?
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,152 ★★★★★
    Same here, locked out of the Aplha arena due to the gold bug.
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    It has been all day and the champion arenas were fixed relatively quickly. Kabam - can you please fix it or at very least give us an update or work around as we have lost 24hrs already!
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    This is crazy! How is this not fixed yet?
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Kabam - the Arena is almost over and its still not fixed and zero communication! I opened a ticket yesterday, but this lack of communication is shameful.

    Since history will show that I always complete all milestones, I believe an Alpha is fair compensation.
  • Antgeo1Antgeo1 Posts: 120
    Still broken. Hope it is fixed before the T4B arena!
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Well, thanks a lot Kabam! 4 hours left in the Arena and still locked out, and I still have billions in gold.

    Compensation must be given. I know its a weekend, but you fixed the champion arenas quickly...why not the Alpha arena? Big sale tomorrow for cash???
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    3 hours now...

    make this right
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Well, no use now, Alpha arena is 30min from ending.

    How about restarting the Alpha arena after the messed up one ends so we can play alongside the cornucopia arenas?
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf What is being done with us being locked out of the Alpha arena even though we paid the battle chips to play it? And lost the chance at a much-needed alpha catalyst. I already opened a ticket, but since this is affecting a lot of players, it needs to be addressed here.

    Also is this going to affect the T4B arena?
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 529 ★★★
    Update: my original ticket was closed with the same generic message that everyone who opened a ticket for this gold bug received.

    I tried to reply, yet the case was closed.

    I opened a 2nd ticket, and just received the EXACT same response even though my 2nd ticket had specifics about the spent battlechips and the lack of Alpha

    I tried to reply, and again the case was closed..

    Should I open a 3rd ticket or is it better to address this in social media?
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