Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Press fight - Game freezes



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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★

    This video shows the gameplay on Alliance Quest 7. If you don't enjoy the fight, I hope you at leas appreciate the soundtrack.

    I lost 50% Health.
    now that I think about it, I lost over 6 minutes doing this stuff.
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    Unitnotagain93Unitnotagain93 Posts: 9
    edited January 2021
    Thank you Kabam for Fixing the issue on AQ POP UP n AQ Map 5 Fight Delay has also been Solved on my Phone 👍
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    Holy_oneHoly_one Posts: 9
    Kill_Grey said:

    Seems that I'm gonna have to start spamming in this thread every hour before Kabam acknowledges this issue.

    Guess I'll join you in spamming
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    GothicGothic Posts: 12
    It is making it so frustratingly playing AQ. Thinking about quit the game.
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    sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 142
    Samsung A20
    Android 9
    Latest version of MCOC

    I began experiencing this problem 2 months ago. Given how old this thread is, I have little faith that this will get resolved soon so I won't my breath. I wish "the team" will treat this problem like a respawning level 1 revive. That sure got "fixed" quickly. @Kabam Zibiit
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    Devpraveen08Devpraveen08 Posts: 1
    I lost my human torch's pre fight and half his health in Aw when the game got freezed after pressing the fight button. I got this issue many times in aq and now because of this we're gonna lost the war. I hope kabam see's this issue and fix it soon.
    My network hasn't had any problems and my phone model is honor 9x. Please fix this this issue kabam. If it freezes fr 15 or 20 secs I can wait bt I was struck in the loading screen fr about 4 to 5 mins after that when I restarted the game I lost my human torches health and prefight.
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    GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★

    Hello Kabam,

    I have been troubling playing labyrinth of legends its keep on hanging whenever I start any fight.
    Game Id: A H Vader

    Phone: Redmi
    Devise Model: Redmi Note 5 Pro
    Android version: 9
    Game last update: 6 Jan 2021

    Please resolve the issue .

    I have the same problem in Labyrinth. However for me it only freezes for like 15-20 seconds. But I have a Redmi Note 8 pro. Which is slightly more powerful. I finally decided to just push through it at this point. Was the same for my in Abyss initial run.
    Will freeze for 5 seconds in AQ aswell.
    Very irritating bug.
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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★
    edited January 2021
    Good news Folks! The issue will be resolved on the next February 29th :smile:
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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★
    I noticed that on the January update, the game freezing time was not of 30-35, but 45-46 seconds
    Today's update didn't change the situation at all.
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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★
    I faced the issue 2 times in a row, in AQ7. Hilarious.
    Just for curiosity, is this issue only on Android Devices?
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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★
    *3 times in a row. Just happened.
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    TheAngryOneTheAngryOne Posts: 445 ★★★
    This massive and game breaking bug is very much alive. Gonna lose alliance members who will quit the game soon because of the bug.
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    MostWantedMostWanted Posts: 351 ★★
    Alliance Quest 7

    LTE connection: Check
    connection speed: More than 30Mb/s
    connection issues before starting the match: no issues spotted
    Lag/inconsistencies before starting the match: no issue spotted
    "Fight" button pressed while timer was: 53 seconds

    Result: loading screen Loop.
    Result #2: -50% health due to Kill-app (after waiting 5 minutes in front of the loading screen)

    I'm quite disappointed. Since early July 2020.
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    ChikelChikel Posts: 2,062 ★★★★
    Another update is coming. The bug is still here
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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★

    Good news Folks! The issue will be resolved on the next February 29th :smile:

    Unfortunately not.
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