Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

I finally did it...

After doing my first run through of Act 5 in February last year, I journeyed into Act 6 and found myself blocked by the no retreat global node and unable to get past even the first fight. After focusing on other content for a couple of months, I took about a year break from the game since I was entering college, only getting back into the game early this month. With newfound energy i decide to venture into Act 6 again. My account hasn't really changed much since then, the only noticeable changes being my Magik going from 4/55 to 5/14 (don't have much iso or gold lol), my venom going from rank 3 to 4/55, and the buff to colossus. Long story short, after a lot of yelling, arena, and angrily dropping my phone I was able to finally complete chapter 1 of Act 6, thanks to the timely addition of Vision Aarkus to my roster last week. In total I spent about 400 units (about 300 were spent on crossbones as a 3/45 induced Iceman doesn't do the highest damage) and honestly was a lot of fun.


  • Thanks_D19Thanks_D19 Posts: 1,405 ★★★★
    Dang becoming cavalier with a roster like that is not easy, Gratz man
  • H_I_ZH_I_Z Posts: 496 ★★
    Congrats, and congrats on the use of only 400 units
  • SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,848 ★★★★★
    edited July 2020
    Nice work! Congrats on Cavalier
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