Kabam, can you tell us what you're doing to the AI please?

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AI doesn't like giving us parrys
Parry us a lot more
Intercept us a lot more
Have much faster recovery time after launching heavies or specials
Break our blocks
Baiting specials is a lot harder
Have a longer reach or lunge much further in their attacks
Hit us back while we're right in the middle of hitting THEM with our two hit specials (we hit them, they get stunned, they wake up from being stunned and hit us back. how is this possible??)
Evade our counter attacks after they launch their specials
Pick up dexterity and evade us a lot more (non-evade champs)
AI is very aggressive when it benefits them, passive when it doesn't
Much faster movements especially on day 4 and 5 in AQ

Can you tell us what's going on please? Do we have to beg to get a little information on what changes you're making to combat mechanics?

The window to launch our attacks and evade the AI's attacks is shrinking by the day.


  • DD2DD2 Posts: 309 ★★★
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    danielmath wrote: »
    you went in late, that's not even close

    Even if I was late the AI would normally stand there and block my attack. Now it evades back.

    And no it's not late, it's within the acceptable range of being able to hit them. It's on the later side, but normally you'd be able to hit them.
  • DD2DD2 Posts: 309 ★★★
    danielmath wrote: »
    no it was super late, there's no way you should be able to hit him that late

    It's on the later side, but it's within the range.

    And even if I was late, why isn't the AI blocking my attack, which it always used to do? Now it evades.
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 3,566 ★★★★★
    idk, is it just supposed to stand there forever waiting for you? That's not within range, you should've gotten parried really but got lucky
  • Batman05Batman05 Posts: 351 ★★
    Once you get used to the ai you'll find them so easy and predictable.
  • Nexus_UY_ScutiNexus_UY_Scuti Posts: 480 ★★
    I think the whole point of the game is for players to discover these minor tweaks for themselves and adapt their gameplay accordingly.

    Asking Kabam for answers, might as well as them to play the game for you, right?
  • zMaoriiboiizMaoriiboii Posts: 141
    Thought it was just me. Played a few games where AI finishes his sp1 and I can't even dash to connect hit. He's recovered and into combo again
  • Nemesis666Nemesis666 Posts: 160
    It's gotten so hard to bait the AI now and I try not to dash in after their specials for they parried me so many times no matter how quickly I do it. Ridiculous.
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    Nemesis666 wrote: »
    It's gotten so hard to bait the AI now and I try not to dash in after their specials for they parried me so many times no matter how quickly I do it. Ridiculous.

    I've been noticing that to, for example in my last fight in aq the enemy just didn't want to use their special when i was trying to get bait them and get them to bite and use it.

    They did eventually but it took far longer than it usually does, the enemy ai has been doing this for awhile now in most game nodes.
    Anyone else having fun not being able to bait? Then, when they launch their SP3 and you're one hit from dead, they start a heavy attack by the time you stand up.

    Yes I've also been noticing that with special 1 and 2 they hit you and they'll charge before you even get up and start hitting you as well.

    It's really annoying, I've also noticed that there's a movement delay sometimes after you block a special and try to charge forward they'll stop then move which the enemy naturally takes advantage of.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 7,412 ★★★★★
    I still find the AI to be pretty predictable.
  • 1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 804 ★★★
    Our only real choice is put up with it, or stop playing the game. I will most likely move to a map 3 only team and never spend another dime on this game.

    long time player, in game name Haunted stories
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,419 ★★★
    yesterday: Game is too easy, f Kabam!
    today: Game is slightly harder, f Kabam!
  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 754 ★★★
    Only issues I have had with with have been with Symbioids in AQ, their behavior has become very strange lately, and twice this AQ cycle I have had Skill Symbs hit me with an L2 while I was in the middle of comboing them.
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